Between Breaths

by Extraneous Solutions



Between Breathes is the Monthly Release for November 2016.


I've got a woman who likes to wake up early
and rest her head upon my chest
we lay there watching the moonset
filling the spaces between breaths

We warm our hands with our morning cup
and I feel so sorry for those who have to get up
to race off to some cubicle somewhere
deep in the financial district, sit in traffic, oh they're chasing the dream

I know it doesn't make much sense to you
but I'd rather watch birds and bees than count money
and I put in my overtime looking at this view
because we forget

Life is in the tiny moments,
me and you
filling the spaces between breaths


released November 6, 2016
Written and Produced by Joshua Hall
Recorded at Shavasana Kitty Studio, Cornish, NH.



all rights reserved


Extraneous Solutions Cornish, New Hampshire

Extraneous Solutions is Genre Free music. Each song lives in it's own unique space. If you're like me, you like to listen outside the box.

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