Window (Cease Fire)

by Extraneous Solutions



My earliest version of Window dates back to 9/6/2001. Five days before 9/11. I remember being afraid to sing this song publicly due to it's anti-war/gun lyrics and the general climate against anyone desiring peaceful solutions to the attacks against our country. At the time I was angry. But time has past and I have become more spiritual. I returned to this song and I see the words as having a more somber tone. For me, it is a sad song. One that represents America's Samskara. As we celebrate our independence and glorify war in fireworks displays all across the country, it is important to remember that for those who have actually been in war zones (soldiers and civilians alike) these explosions of colors represent the worst of human activity. Perhaps we will be able to break the cycle of this story and be independent of the chains of violence to our brothers and sisters here and in foreign lands. It is time to cease fire.



Sitting by the window watching the rain come falling down
washing away the pain on this blood soaked ground
smile and propose a toast and it seems, seems we're friends for now
but when I get in your way, you'll be sure to knock me down

ohh you'll make your guns
you say we need'em still
to protect us from their guns
but I don't believe they will

Sitting by the window. I'm watching you wash off the mud in the rain
I'm wondering where you keep all of your hatred and pain
angry words still floating, broken promises at your feet
is this the price we pay? is this what you call free

ohh you'll make your guns
while children are starving
homeless vets on our streets
we should be honoring
ohh you'll make your guns
send recruiters to the doors
of our crumbling schools
you're preying on the poor

Sitting by the window. You know there's shelter inside
we could come to this table as brothers
we could walk down to the riverside
there we could find a place, we could lay this burden down
let the rain wash us clean, we could seal this fertile ground

ohh you'll make your guns
and you'll wave your flags
our babies will come home broken
or in body bags
ohh you'll make your guns
you say it'll bring us peace
but wars never do
until the fightings cease.


released June 22, 2016
Recorded at Shavasana Kitty Studio, Cornish, NH



all rights reserved


Extraneous Solutions Cornish, New Hampshire

Extraneous Solutions is Genre Free music. Each song lives in it's own unique space. If you're like me, you like to listen outside the box.

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